Canvas Church

    We were four years into our church plant. We had gone to all the conferences and done all the pre-launch punch lists . . . and it all worked!  We had grown about 100 people per year . . . the church was doing very well.

    And then we hit a wall.

    The momentum that we had at the beginning began to slow. Our visitor numbers and salvation numbers began to dip. Our up and to the right growth began to flat line. So we scrambled, added extra training for our staff and tightened all the ministry screws that we could tighten. But in spite of all of our efforts, the plateau was upon us.

    Shortly after this, I heard about the Eagle Brook Association. This was an absolute GAME CHANGER!  It was the first time that I'd thought about how my vision and our church culture work together. It was the first time that I realize that the four-year plateau that we hit, was totally normal . . . and even to be expected. It was the first time that I had a clear picture of what to do nexthow to lead my church from the storming phase of a start-up to the norming phase of a growing and maturing church.

    The guidance of the EBA team came at the perfect time. I can wholeheartedly say that Canvas Church wouldn't be where it is today without the EBA. If you're the kind of leader that's not ok with spinning your wheels and the status quo, then the Eagle Brook Association is for you.