About Us

If you're like a lot of church leaders, you've probably had many ideas and strategies that have been dreamed about, met about and even had mission statements drawn up for — but they've gone unimplemented or lost momentum before they reached their potential. That's where the Eagle Brook Association (EBA), a ministry of Eagle Brook Church, wants to help. Our services include leadership training, site visits, and customizable coaching that are focused on helping other churches reach more people for Christ. Our mission is that every church will be a place that effectively connects people to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

How Do We Do It?

At no cost to your church, we create leadership cohorts with pastors and their teams, sharing principles that have been proven over time to help churches clarify their vision, develop leaders, manage change, and execute with excellence.

We also offer site visits and custom coaching according to schedules that fit your timing and needs.

There are three different options for leadership cohortsall of which are provided free of charge, thanks to Eagle Brook's own congregation financially supporting the effort to strengthen the local church. 

Who can participate?

Churches from every denomination are welcome to participate, and there is no formal application process. The EBA invites churches that are led by a pastor who is serious about reaching their community for Christ and has a board/council that is supportive of this mission. While many topics are covered, there is a strong theme of evangelism throughout each training. We recommend attending with a team of leaders⁠—staff, volunteer, board/council.

How much does it cost?

All cohort sessions are free. The EBA is a ministry of Eagle Brook Church, and we're called by the Lord to serve other churches by helping them reach more people for Christ.

Where are the sessions held?

The Local and Distance cohorts meet at Eagle Brook Church locations in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN area. International Cohorts meet at the Eagle Brook Church office in Centerville, MN and also at the international church's home location. 

What are the expectations?

Be CommittedDon't miss the sessions, and complete any given assignments.
Don't Attend Alone—Bring key leaders with you.
Provide Regular Updates—Let us know how you're doing.

Have A Question?

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