Now's the time for your church to thrive.

Now's the time for your church to thrive.

As church leaders, there's one thing we all want: healthy churches. 


Churches that are effective in their mission to reach more and more people for Jesus. Churches that lead their communities toward growth and change. Churches that cultivate transformation in the lives of their people.

Easier said than done? Maybe. But only if you try to do it alone.

After over 30 years of ministry, we've learned a thing or two about what works—and what doesn’t—in pursuit of a healthy church. And we don't want to keep what we've discovered to ourselves.

That's what makes us so excited to come alongside you with these discoveries, ultimately saving you and your staff time, money, and stress.

How? Keep scrolling to find out. 


We’ve Identified Four Challenges Common to Every Church


Clarifying Vision

Managing Change

Developing Leaders

Invitational Experience


Here's what we do about it

We get together to discuss how we've come out the other side of facing each of these issues.


Leadership Cohorts

Here's what we're NOT here to do: We're not here to make more Eagle Brook Churches. The Eagle Brook Association (EBA) exists to help you find your footing as church leaders using frameworks and principles developed through trial and error, so you can craft them into exactly what YOUR community needs to flourish.

All this through 2-Day Training Events—at no cost to you.

Upcoming Sessions


Meet the Team

Aaron Damjanovich


Aaron has been a pastor at Eagle Brook Church since 2010. During that time, he has held many roles—student pastor, campus pastor, central director, and now leads the EBA. He’s married to his wife, Ashley, and has two boys: Adler and August. He loves to golf, drink coffee, read, cycle, Nordic ski, and was a hockey player “back in the good old days.”

Dale Peterson

Training and Coaching Pastor

In 2000, Dale joined the Eagle Brook staff as a pastor of Groups, and since then has held several other roles. In 2006, Dale helped launch the EBA, coming alongside other churches to reach more people for Christ. Recently, Dale handed off the leadership of the EBA and is now the full-time training and coaching pastor.


Tom Tulberg

Engagement Pastor

Tom has been on staff since 2010. He is the primary relationship manager for the EBA, promoting and recruiting churches to attend our Training Events.

Jennifer Lavandowska


Jen joined the Eagle Brook Church team in 2010 and has held several different positions throughout the church. The variety of roles has allowed her to observe and identify the unique needs of each department and has deep a devotion for those who work within the Church.


Here's what people have to say…

Thank you for all that you do. I will never forget what I have learned from each part of LeadershipX and will continue to grow my leadership skills and knowledge.

Member / Jane Doe

Very blessed and humbled to go through this experience. I am looking forward to taking my next steps as a leader and reaching others to build a relationship with Christ.

Member / Jane Doe

I want to express my gratitude to everyone involved with the program. It was a tremendously rewarding experience that contributed greatly to my continuing transformation from 'consumer' to 'contributor' to 'leader'.

Member / Jane Doe